Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kimora gives birth!

Kimora Lee Simmons welcomed a baby boy today! Hooray!! I can't wait to see what the Amistad baby looks like. Congrats to Kimora Lee and Amistad!

Pitbull Beats Ass

Baby's father #33, Pitbull, punched a fan in his head on stage. That's my baby! I mean, that was so wrong of him. But, that's what that 'fan' gets. He threw a wad of money in Pitbull's face. What was he supposed to do? Below is video of the punchation.

Bubba Sparxxx Arrested

Rapper, Bubba Sparxxx, responsible for such hits as Ms. New Booty and Ugly was arrested at a Florida Hooters for possession of drugs. We can't make this ish up. FULL STORY

Friday, May 29, 2009

I Can't

So earlier this week, Mr. Gay aka Spectacular from Pretty Ricky created the gayest YouTube video ever of him dancing in red panties. This ish right here, is one man's response. LMFAO

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Keyboard Cat

Apparently this is what's poppin' in the streets according to my homeboy Justin.

Review: Next Day Air

Next Day Air

New movie Next Day Air came out last weekend and me and my homegirl Erica checked it out. Um, keep your money. I expected it to be hilarious because Mike Epps was in it, but ugh. It was half funny. I was delighted and surprised at the fact that it took place in Philly, but the jokes were recycled and the acting wasn't the greatest. This is a DVD movie at best.

Yung Joc is the Epitomy of Bitchassness

Diddy was talking about YOU Yung Joc when he invented the word bitchassness. How you going to get us all on the edge of our seats by telling you would reveal who is gay over at Bad Boy and then re-nig on the offer. You are a re-negro. How dare you.

Drake + Rihanna = ?

Soooo the hottest thing in rap right now, Drake, was spotted tongue kissing the hell out of Rihanna at Lucky Strikes in the NYC last night. Am I the only one who didn't know Drake used to be on Degrassi F-ing High???? REALLLY? Rappers coming from teen drama shows now? I mean I do enjoy Drake's new song, but wow. I was blindsided by that ish.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

T.I. Countdown to Jail

T.I. goes to jail next week. Yes, I'm just as sad as you are. But I am even more sad that he is marrying longtime girlfriend and baby's moms Tiny this weekend. I'm sorry but he can do so much better. Like me, for instance. Holla at me Clifford. Its not too late.

I Be Stuntin' Like MY Guinea Pig

Oh snap! Let me find out Guinea Pigs are stylish these days. Check out these hot, fresh to death outfits these cute little rodents are wearing. LOL.




You can buy it here. You know you want to.

Ghetto Prom Pics 2009

Get ready. Those ghetto prom pics will soon be filling your inboxes again. I look forward to the day when people get it together and there aren't these ghetto ass pictures floating around. But, until that day I shall laugh, give them the screw face and call them donkeys. And their parents are donkeys as well for letting them out the house. MediaTakeOut has the first looks at Ghetto Prom 2009.

Donkey of the Day

Are criminals really this lazy (and hungry) these days?
Officials say a suspected drug dealer who led police on a 90 mph chase in Indiana was arrested after he stopped suddenly at a Taco Bell parking lot.
Fort Wayne police Sgt. Mark Walters says 36-year-old Jermaine Askia Cooper told officers he "knew he was going to jail for a while" and wanted to get one last burrito.
Word? You was really that hungry though? You are a DONKEY!!!! Full story

It's Raining Moose!

WTF? Let me see a moose fall from the sky. Let me find out my friend Tabitha is behind this mess. LOL
Police said a 500-pound moose fell 18 feet to its death when it apparently leaped a guardrail on an Interstate 95 overpass and landed on Hinckley Road. Officials learned of the incident when a motorist called the town office shortly after 8 a.m. Tuesday and told assistant town clerk Shirley Bailey that "a moose just fell out of the sky."
Full story

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Gay Day in Houston. All I have to say is WOW. Mediatakeout

Kanye West is special. DListed

Megan Fox is Bi, i'm not suprised. Showbiz Spy

Blind Item from
Which landmark NYC department store is still making its corporate jet available to senior execs for non-company business, despite being in serious financial trouble?
All I know is this ish better NOT be Macy's.

Ciara and Jay-Z Summer Tour

Looks like Ciara will be opening up for Jay-Z on a small US summer tour. They best be coming to Philly or NY. And booo I don't wanna see Ciara. Jay-Z should tour with Bey. But whatevs. MTV has the full story.

Lindsay Preggo?

Rumors are spreading that Lindsay "I need to eat" Lohan is seven weeks pregs by some dude. I say some dude because allegedly she doesn't know who the daddy is. And she has booked her appointment in Beverly Hills to get an abortion. Why do I totally believe this story. If this mess is true Linsday is officially 'Donkey of the Month'. I thought she ate fish anyway? Read all about over at Ian Undercover

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dwayne Johnson Back with Wifey


I have bittersweet news to report. Baby's father #12 AKA Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is back with his ex-wife. The happy couple stepped out in style together at this weekend's White House Correspondents Association Dinner. I'm happy for him and sad for me haha. I liked them together so I'm glad they are working things out. Congrats y'all!

Rihanna and Cassie Need to Keep Their Clothes On

What is it with celebrities and their passions to take nude photos with their cells. Um, hello you know that is will be hacked into and put on the internet for all to see. I don't feel sorry for you. Rihanna and Cassie apparently did not get the memo because these donkeys took nude photos with there cells and *gasp* the pics were posted on the internet. The Rihanna nude pics don't actually show Rih's face so they may not be her. Whatever, I believe its her. Her camp is neither confirming nor denying the story, which in publicist talk means its her. Below are links to the photos. Warning contains boobies and vajayjay! Parental Advisory.

Rihanna Pics

Cassie Pics

Review: Star Trek

I had the pleasure of seeing the new Star Trek movie today. Two words: HOT ISH. Special effects were awesome, acting was awesome, storyline was awesome, and the actors were HOT. Well, at least Chris Pine was anyway (call me). I am adding Chris to my baby's father list as we speak. He falls at #22. Oh and I was loving the swirl action in this movie. Shout out to Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto for bringing the swirl love to the masses. I highly recommend this movie even if you're not a Star Trek fan. I HATE Star Trek the TV show with a passion. Never could get into that mess. My mom used to try to make me watch it and I had no interest whatsover. Hey and if you have a thing for nerdy Star Trek fans you will have your pickings from the ones seated in the theater.

Enjoy Chris Pine, mmmmm

Justin and Andy do it Again

Justin Timberlake hosted SNL last night and DID NOT disappoint. Andy Samberg and JT teamed up again for another hilarious digital short. This time its called 'Mother Lover'. HILARIOUS! Check it out:

Friday, May 8, 2009

NKOTB on the Today Show

Sooooo....I was supposed to wake up at 4:30am this morning so that I could be outside the Today Show by 5:45am to watch NKOTB perform. Yea, um, I definitely did NOT hear my alarm go off. I woke up at 7am. Oh well, maybe next time. Anywho, for those of you that missed out on the hoopla, below is a video from youtube.

Side note: 40 yr old women should NOT have on hand made New Kids shirts nor should they be making signs. Are you f-ing kidding me? How old are you? For real though? You look a HOT MESS. On another note as much as I enjoy these fine specimens they sounded a HOT ASS MESS. Especially Donnie. Please work on them vocals fellas.

Oh and I am so happy that the JabaWockees AND Jesse McCartney are opening up for them on their summer tour. HOORAY!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Bi-Racial Children and their Hair

I just HAVE to rant about this. I am sick and tired of seeing bi-racial children running around with nappy, knotted, dry ass hair. WTF???!!! PLEASE TAKE THESE KIDS TO A BLACK SALON TO GET THEIR HAIR DONE!!!! Its so not that hard. Why would you allow your child to walk the streets looking a hot ass mess? And not just bi-racial, but black kids adopted and raised by non-blacks AKA Zahara Jolie-Pitt. Damnit Angie and Brad. I know good and damn well y'all can afford a permanent personal stylist for Zahara. Hire Tamika and dem from around the way to spread some grease on that child's hair and a hot comb or some Just For Me. It don't make no sense. Let's take a look at some of the naps that need to be addressed in Hollywood.

WHYYYYYY!!! Now Heidi may not know what to do, but damnit Seal, get it together.

Damnit Angie!

Review: The Soloist

I checked out The Soloist this weekend. Jamie Foxx needs and Oscar. He was amazing. The movie was great. Inspiring, sad, funny - it really pulls at your heart strings. Robert Downey, Jr. was great as well and I must say he was looking quite sexy. He wasn't sashaying like he usually is. Great story, great acting, great cinematography. Definitely a must see. Official Website


UGHHHHHHHH. Ray-J annoys me to no end. Tila tequila annoys me to no end. They'll make the perfect skank couple. Ray-J and Tila tequila are dating. EWWWWW. All them germs in one bed. Codi - get your man. Full Story


  • Congratulations all around!!! Jill Scott gave birth to baby boy, Jet. Fred Durst is engaged to his g/f Esther. David Blaine is engaged to his g/f Alizee. (Please tell me that's not pronounced like the liquor).
  • Wolverine was #1 at the box office this weekend. It made $87M! Congrats Hugh and Ryan...stay sexy! I hope to see this movie next weekend.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Summer Concert Season!

There hasn't been a bangin' summer concert season in a minute. I am overjoyed that good people are touring this summer. I already have my tickets for Beyonce and New Kids on the Block. Below are some hot concerts I am anticipating this summer. We are in a recession so I doubt i'll go to more than 3 concerts this summer lol. A sista is BROKE.

  • Beyonce - where all the single ladies? do you know the dance? cuz i do and i WILL be getting it in at the show.
  • Coldplay - I used to rule the world...
  • Aerosmith - love them! but unfortunately they're coming to ny the same weekend i'll be seeing Bey in philly
  • New Kids on the Block - Donnie needs to come holla at me
  • Kid Rock - i love kid rock cuz he's gangsta
  • Earth, Wind & Fire - yup, I get with the old heads too
  • Green Day - there baaaaack! HOORAY! i heart green day

I'd Hit It

I'm watching WWE Smackdown as I try to do every Friday night. And I just have to blog about my sexies. Ladies and Gays, if you don't watch wrestling you are missing a valuable opportunity to stare at half naked sexy men. Well, not all of them are sexy but enough of them for me. These lovely men can be found on Smackdown, Friday nights at 8pm on the MyNetwork or RAW, Mondays at 9pm on USA. Enjoy!

p.s. Um, there are NO sexy Black or Latino men in the WWE. WTF???! They had one sexy black dude I think his name was Shane or something, but he left to go to TNA. Vince McMahon, if you're listening, can you PLEASE get some SEXY black dudes and papis on the WWE programming. Meanwhile enjoy these sexy white dudes.

John Cena Baby's Father #7

Edge Baby's Father #23

CM Punk

Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy

Randy Orton
WOW I came across this lovely pic. Just move them shorts.

and this one, mmm


Chris Jericho

Mr. Kennedy
Couldn't find a great pic

and last but certainly not least