Friday, May 1, 2009

Summer Concert Season!

There hasn't been a bangin' summer concert season in a minute. I am overjoyed that good people are touring this summer. I already have my tickets for Beyonce and New Kids on the Block. Below are some hot concerts I am anticipating this summer. We are in a recession so I doubt i'll go to more than 3 concerts this summer lol. A sista is BROKE.

  • Beyonce - where all the single ladies? do you know the dance? cuz i do and i WILL be getting it in at the show.
  • Coldplay - I used to rule the world...
  • Aerosmith - love them! but unfortunately they're coming to ny the same weekend i'll be seeing Bey in philly
  • New Kids on the Block - Donnie needs to come holla at me
  • Kid Rock - i love kid rock cuz he's gangsta
  • Earth, Wind & Fire - yup, I get with the old heads too
  • Green Day - there baaaaack! HOORAY! i heart green day