Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another Celeb Divorce

Vibe magazine is reporting Kelis and Nas are a wrap! Damn, I thought they'd last a bit longer. Oh and she's pregs.

Superheros DO Exist

The streets of Cincinnati are safe! Hallelujah!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tribeca Film Festival

So, I had the honor and pleasure of attending the Tribeca Film Festival last night. Me and my friend went to see 'The Girlfriend Experience'. The movie, shot documentary style, was about the life of an upscale call girl. Apparently this movie was the most anticipated film of the festival. It was directed by Steven Soderbergh (Oceans 11) and starred a well known porn star, Sasha Grey. Um, this movie was weird and whack from the start. It kept going in and out between stories. Very confusing most of the actors weren't great especially the main chick. I was not impressed and do not understand what all this buzz is about. I want my $17.75 back thank you. This viewer summed it up best:
It was awful...It was an incoherent boring mess and was very disappointed.

I did, however, enjoy just being there and had a great time. I just wish I'd picked a better movie.

Donkey of the Day

Where is this dude's woman? Who let him out the house like this? He look like a bowl of sherbet. John Daly, you're a hot ass mess.
john daly

Sunday, April 26, 2009

And Then There's Maude

I am sad to report the passing of Maude aka Dorothy aka Bea Arthur. Her deep voice and sassy wit will be missed. She was 86. Enjoy this classic Golden Girls clip.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

'Fighting' Movie Review

I had the fantastical privilege of having advance screening tickets to see new movie 'Fighting' starring baby's father #1, Channing Tatum. Besides the fact that it was uberly hot getting to stare at him for almost 2 hours, the movie was actually good. Though not for those with weak stomachs. Watching people get beat down and hearing the sounds of that beatation can be nauseating at times. I thought the plot was good, acting was pretty good, casting was good and the numerous shirtless and wife beater scenes of Channing were absolutely amazing. Terence Howard, however, pissed me off. I don't know what they were trying to do with his voice, but they got that ish all wrong. He sounded like a pimp on valium. Six thumbs down on Terence's voice but other than that, I thought the movie was great. Definitely a must see. The grandma steals the show. Damn if she don't remind me of my grams. Hey grams!

My rating: 3 out of 4 hand claps.

Watch the trailer

You Had Me At Black Women

I stumbled upon a quote from my #10 baby's father, Gerard Butler, that made my heart melt.
I love black women, I always did. And they are not just beautiful, they are cool.

Call me Gerard, heeeey.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Stay Away From My Man B*tch

OH HELLLL NAW. If I had photoshop (someone hook me up) I'd put a big ass X through the above photo. I'm going to need Jennifer "I can't keep a man" Aniston to keep her greasy hands off my man Gerard Butler. Don't she know he's baby's father #10!! First of all, Gerard know he likes the brown. Second of all, Gerard is a whore, so Jen why you keep going for these players that are going to leave your ass in 2 weeks anyway? And lastly, b*tch back the F up. I'm keeping my eye on this rumor as it transpires. I don't like it one bit. Jen, you gets the screw face.

Free Food Tuesday!

Tomorrow make sure you get your recession eat on. Dunkin' Donuts is offering FREE iced coffee and Ben & Jerry's is giving out FREE scoops. I'll be in line...two times.

'Slumdog' Mess

Let me find out Indians is hood too. The father of the little girl from 'Slumdog Millionaire' as I'm sure you've heard tried to sell her. WTF? Who's buying is what I want to know? Disgrace. But on a hood note...why the girl's mom and step-mom was brawling in the streets and calling each other treacherous bitches? HAMs all around. I can't. READ ABOUT IT.

FIghting to See Channing

I have advance screening tickets to see the sexiest man alive tomorrow night. In other words I'll be watching Channing "OMFG I'm So Sexy" Tatum in the movie 'Fighting'. I shall be blogging about it on Wednesday. For now, enjoy the view.


i need a cigarette now

Oh My Wow

Oh no they didn't. My favorite blog in the whole wide world, besides mine, Dlisted posted this HILARIOUS link. This has to be the WORST for-TV-editing I've ever seen in my life. You can not edit Samuel's infamous line from Snakes on a Plane for TV. It just ain't right. I almost peed my pants laughing.

Nooooo T.I. Don't Leave Me, I Mean Us

Oh no Jesus help me, save me. Why my baby gotta go to jail? Take me Lord. Ok, don't take me but you get the point. I am highly upset that my baby father's #5 aka T.I. aka Clifford Harris is going to jail very soon. In honor of this great travesty, please watch this exclusive video from Blender Magazine of his last performance before he goes away for a year and a day. Let us pray...that T.I. gains some much needed weight while in jail, that he doesn't toss no salads and that he comes out stronger, finer and sexier than ever. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.

100 Ladies 'Put A Ring On It'

These ladies in London are killing it! 100 Ladies in London do the 'Single Ladies' dance.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beyonce US Tour Dates Announced

HOORAY!! I'm so excited! I am Sasha Fierce is coming to a city near me!

The fan club pre-sale begins on Monday, April 20, and tickets for the general public will be available on Saturday, April 25. On-sales for Beyonce’s Las Vegas run have not yet been announced.

June 21 - New York City, NY - Madison Square Garden
June 24 - Washington, D.C. - Verizon Center
June 26 - Philadelphia, PA - Wachovia Center
June 27 - Greensboro, NC - Greensboro Coliseum Complex
June 29 - Ft Lauderdale, FL - Bank Atlantic Center
July 1 - Atlanta, GA - Philips Arena
July 3 - New Orleans, LA - Superdome — Essence Music Festival
July 4 - Houston, TX - Toyota Center
July 5 - Dallas, TX - American Airlines Center
July 7 - Phoenix, AZ - US Airways Center
July 9 - Sacramento, CA - Arco Arena
July 10 - Oakland, CA - Oracle Arena
July 11 - Anaheim, CA - Honda Center
July 13 - Los Angeles, CA - Staples Center
July 16 - Minneapolis, MN - Target Center
July 17 - Chicago, IL - United Center
July 18 - Detroit, MI - Palace of Auburn Hills
July 23 - Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Sun
July 30 - Las Vegas, NV - Encore Theater, Wynn Las Vegas
July 31 - Las Vegas, NV - Encore Theater, Wynn Las Vegas
August 1 - Las Vegas, NV - Encore Theater, Wynn Las Vegas
August 2 - Las Vegas, NV - Encore Theatre, Wynn Las Vegas

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hello Readers!

Thank you to everyone who supports and reads this blog! I'd love to hear from readers! Feel free to comment on stories and email me just to say hi, make suggestions or leave tips! Thanks for your support!


Hulk Hogan is a Crack Head

WTF Hulk Hogan? All those blows to the head made u crazy. Why would you out loud in public say that you understand why OJ allegedly killed his wife and her lover? You are not only donkey of the day but donkey of the year. Here's his full-on quote:

"You live half a mile from the 20,000-square-foot home you can't go to anymore, you're driving through downtown Clearwater and see a 19-year-old boy driving your Escalade, and you know that a 19-year-old boy is sleeping in your bed, with your wife . . . I totally understand OJ. I get it."

Crack is whack

Another Baby Seal on the Way

Heidi Klum is pregs again. Baby seal #3(her 4th child overall). Congrats! Swirl love.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Justin Timberlake in May Vogue

I shall be buying the May Vogue because of this sexiness right HERE.

Jamie Foxx Plays the Ish Outta Miley Cyrus

OMG this is so wrong and sooooooooooo funny at the same time.

Who Said This Ish?

Let's play a little game called, Guess who said this ish? OMG, I need this person to SIT THE F*CK DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Playboy magazine interviewed this person for some odd reason.
What celebrity would you most like to have sex with?
I'd probably love to have sex with…man, I think she's dead already. I'd probably want somebody like Marilyn Monroe -- somebody that's been with the president or something. If I had Marilyn Monroe, I would do whatever she asks and whatever she's never had done to her. And I swear I'd do it good!

How cautious are you when it comes to having sex?
I have to be more cautious now. Let me tell you the trick to that. What you do is stop ramming them hos and make love to that pussy! Make that pussy love you and that rubber ain't going nowhere. That rubber will be right there where you started off with if you make love to that pussy. That's when a nigga fuck up, when you trying to do too much. A nigga like me, I am gonna make the pussy so wet that there's no such thing as popping or slipping off. Only problem I am gonna have is keep slipping it in.

Those fabulous answers were provided by....drumroll please...

Lil' Wayne!

i can't

Lisa Rinna SIT DOWN!

I can't stand Lisa Rinna. She looks a hot ass mess. This old walking plastic surgery experiment has posed for the May issue of Playboy. Really??? We don't even like looking at the lips on her face, let alone the other ones. GROSS. Men, are u really checking for Lisa?

Shia LaBeouf is a Trooper

Shia aka Even Stevens aka My Young Jawn injured his left hand in that infamous car accident of last year. He talks to Entertainment Weekly about what pain he's been through and what it was like to jump through explosions with a broken hand. READ IT.

Guess Who's Back? Shady's Back, Tell a Friend

My #11 baby's father, Eminem, is back! He is gracing the cover of the new XXL magazine, nice and shirtless.(No the Punisher tat is not real). Not sure why he look crazy, but whatevs. I shall be buying and reading up on him.

Get a sneak peek at the new cover story HERE.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bo Obama in da house


OMG, i want this dog!! The new First Dog, Bo, is so freakin' adorable. I now want this breed. He's a 6 mos old Portuguese Water Dog. And he's Black! lol.

Most Dangerous Cities in America


Well the above pic says it all. Damnit Philly. Why we gotta be number 22 on the list???? Can't we all just get along. Come on Philly we gots to do better. Keep hope alive! Lol.

Mel Gibson: That's What You Get!

After those pics came out the other week of Mel Gibson frolicking in the surf with a 20-something chick, wifey said 'Oh Hell No'...I want a divorce! Mel Gibson's wife of 28 years has filed for divorce. And get this, they didn't have no pre-nup. Robyn getting half. Oh Mel, that's what you get.
TMZ has the full story.

Accessories for Sping!

My latest article for That Black Girl Site is up! Read about how to update your spring wardrobe with affordable accessories!

Accessorize Your Way to a Hot Spring Wardrobe

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kim Kardashian's Ass is NOT Newsworthy

No offense White people, I love White people (shout out to the White people), but why is it that when you take note of things or do something it suddenly becomes newsworthy? I’m just saying. Black and Latinos have had big booties since the beginning of time. Eve probably had a donkey back in the Garden which is why Adam couldn’t resist her fruit.

I don’t see what the big deal is. Kim K's bootie is nothing compared to sistas in the hood or sistas in Hollywood for that matter. I really need mainstream media to start giving minorities credit for starting things. Bo Derek didn’t invent cornrows y’all. Jlo and Kim aren’t the first to have booties. And Angelina’s lips aren’t rare. Let’s take a look at all the big booties you may have missed.

Serena Williams...Queen of all donkeys


Vida Guerra

Coco T

Buffie The Bodie


Melyssa Ford

Jessica Biel

Sorry for Abandoning You

Sorry for the lack of posts. I just haven’t been inspired by any of the foolery that has taken place lately. I don’t care about Sam Ro and Lindsay Cokehan breaking up, I don’t care about the Chrianna saga and I damn sure don’t care about Octomom. Hopefully, there will be some news worthy tom foolery poppin’ off soon.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Justin Timberlake Hosting SNL again, HOORAY!!!

Justin Timberlake AKA my #1 Baby's Father, will be hosting Saturday Night Live on May 9. I am super excited!! He is hilarious! Him and Andy must do another video. Musical guest shall be Ciara. I'm looking forward to Ciara and JT performing together. WOOHOO! Full Story

Come on Philly! What Did Jamie Foxx Ever Do To You?

Shout out to Philly, heeeey! But, damn, why you had to do Jamie like that. Especially Mr. Homeless Man that decided to grip Jamie up. Blame it on the alcohol. But, I am wondering, did Jamie look through the peep hole before he opened the door? I mean a homeless man claimed to be Beyonce's producer. I doubt dude was looking put together. One peep through the hole would've told you 'something ain't right'. Oh Jamie. Philly's not all bad. Hopefully you'll come back. And bring Gerard back with you. Naked and at my front door, of course. Full Story
And yes, that pic is of Jamie Foxx

Um, Snoop, I'm Gonna Need You to SIT DOWN!

For some odd reason Snoop Dogg thinks its ok to remix Johnny Cash's album. I don't recall his music needing no remix. Full Story

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

From baby father #1 Justin Timberlake...

Justin never ceases to amaze me. He has taken reality shows to a Whole.Notha.Level.
Check out the trailer over a of Justin's new show: The Phone.

The Phone Trailer

Premieres April 21 on MTV

Damnit Black People

And that's all I have to say...
"Goonette" Trailer

NJ Transit Story of the Day

I'm very observant, my mom would say nosey, and I notice everything. And, today people were off the chain on NJT. First, it started this morning on the bus when the dude sitting behind me had his music on blast! I was like, wtf???? It literally sounded like Ludacris was sitting on my lap rapping to me. Is it really necessary for your Ipod to be that loud? I mean really. Then, this evening while I was standing in the longest bus line ever I look over at the bar place that's right next to me and I notice this homeless man. After staring at him for a minute I realize this fool has his face to the window and is staring at the couple on the other side that is eating and drinking. He was staring at them, or their food, like he was about to jump through that glass. As my line moves closer and I'm literally standing right next to the homeless man I realize that not only is he staring at them all crazy he is making smacking sounds with his lips like he bout to throw down on their food! I wanted to laugh so bad. I mean I know he was probably hungry but damn. Them people are better than me, 'cause let him have been staring me down like that. There would have been some words through the glass.

Oh the foolishness goes on. While on the bus, this lady was trying to get off at her stop. She was sitting by the window and the guy next to her had the aisle seat. Well, this dude was nodded! She said excuse me at least 5 times trying to get his ass to move so she could get off the bus and he didn't budge. She had to tap and shake him for his behind to wake up. I was chuckling under my breath. There is no need for you to be sleep that damn hard on a 15 minute bus ride that you don't hear someone yelling at you. A mess.

The more I observe people, the more I realize...I just can't. LOL