Wednesday, April 1, 2009

NJ Transit Story of the Day

I'm very observant, my mom would say nosey, and I notice everything. And, today people were off the chain on NJT. First, it started this morning on the bus when the dude sitting behind me had his music on blast! I was like, wtf???? It literally sounded like Ludacris was sitting on my lap rapping to me. Is it really necessary for your Ipod to be that loud? I mean really. Then, this evening while I was standing in the longest bus line ever I look over at the bar place that's right next to me and I notice this homeless man. After staring at him for a minute I realize this fool has his face to the window and is staring at the couple on the other side that is eating and drinking. He was staring at them, or their food, like he was about to jump through that glass. As my line moves closer and I'm literally standing right next to the homeless man I realize that not only is he staring at them all crazy he is making smacking sounds with his lips like he bout to throw down on their food! I wanted to laugh so bad. I mean I know he was probably hungry but damn. Them people are better than me, 'cause let him have been staring me down like that. There would have been some words through the glass.

Oh the foolishness goes on. While on the bus, this lady was trying to get off at her stop. She was sitting by the window and the guy next to her had the aisle seat. Well, this dude was nodded! She said excuse me at least 5 times trying to get his ass to move so she could get off the bus and he didn't budge. She had to tap and shake him for his behind to wake up. I was chuckling under my breath. There is no need for you to be sleep that damn hard on a 15 minute bus ride that you don't hear someone yelling at you. A mess.

The more I observe people, the more I realize...I just can't. LOL