Saturday, March 21, 2009

Top 5 TV Shows You Need To Be Watching

Ok, these are the BEST shows on TV. I don't care what no body says LOL. If you haven't checked these shows out then you best get to watching. Let me know what you think.

  1. America's Next Top Model - even though this show has run its course and needs to be done I still love watching. Wed, 8p, CW
  2. Tough Love - OMG, I heart this show. The one girl that looks like a stripper is annoying and delusional but so entertaining and the chick that looks like she's 40 is full of drama and hate. Gotta love it. Even through all its HAMs I learn about what men think and how to date the right way from cocky but cute host, Steve . Sun, 10p, Vh1
  3. Fringe - I am highly upset American Idol has cut into my show, but new episodes will be back in April. Anyways, Fringe is the best show on television hands down. Drama, suspense, sci-fi, romance, comedy and grossness...everything you could ask for in a show. And, dare I say Pacey, I mean Joshua Jackson looks hot. Tues, 9p, FOX.
  4. Masterminds - What's more interesting than watching how criminals did their dirty work and got away with it? Nothing. Weekends, whenevs you catch it, TruTv.
  5. Family Guy - Ok I lied, Fringe isn't the best show on tv, Family Guy is. Seth Macfarlane is the genius and hottie behind this hilarious show. I could literally watch it all day long. Stewie is the best thing since sliced bread. Sun, 9p, FOX.
*Honorable Mentions*
  • Repo - watch the repo man take cars from real people. Violence ensues, which means great tv. Mon, 9p, TruTv.
  • Lie to Me - He knows your lieing just by looking at you. Gotta love it. Wed, 9p, FOX.
Enjoy this classic Family Guy clip: