Friday, March 20, 2009

NJ Transit Story of the Day

I swear 'for God I was mean muggin' at the bus terminal today. Almost everyday I'm telling my friend my NJ transit bus stories. She insisted that I blog about them.

Why this man standing behind me in the never ending bus line was:
#1 All up in my personal space. A HUGE no-no. So I had to give him the eye.
#2 Had the worst mucused up cough, hack thing going on that i've ever heard. I literally wanted to throw up in my mouth every time he did it. Seriously, I was 2 seconds from telling him to back the f*ck up. So I had to give him the eye, several times. And my friends know that I couldn't lie if I wanted to because whatever I'm thinking is written ALL over my face. I am queen of the facial expressions.

Then I almost cussed a dude out when the line finally got to the bus area because he tried to scoot and dip in front of me in line.

And lastly, who was smelling like weed on the bus??? I mean really. Its rush hour. Put that where? Back there.

People are rude. People get on my nerves. People need to leave me alone at the damn bus terminal or you will either get cussed out, written about or both.