Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Shoulda Cussed You Out

WHY! I am sick and tired of being subjected to ignorant people talking loudly on their cell phones about all kinds of TMI nonsense when me and other hard working people are trying to relax IN SILENCE on the bus. Why do people think other people give a dayum about they ghetto ass conversations? I mean really. I don't care that your daughter didn't want to finish her homework so you grounded her. I don't need to know that you need to ask your doctor for more herpes cream. And I damn sure don't want to hear you fighting with your boyfriend about why his trifling behind didn't come home last night (ok, well maybe that conversation was a little interesting). And yes, the conversations I just noted, I've heard them all on the bus ride to work. None of this ish is sooo important that you can't wait 10 minutes until you get off at your stop to talk to that person about. I should of cussed out the chick sitting behind me today, but I didn't feel like it. But, next time me or someone else just may cuss your ass out. All I'm saying is PLEASE BE COURTEOUS!