Sunday, July 12, 2009

Donkeys of the Day

Um, for a second I thought I was going to have to title this post 'Damnit Black People' again, lol, but this is some Polish folks! Let me find out beat downs, knife fights and what not go on at their weddings too. I stumbled upon this hilarious case of donkeydom where a couple gets married, gets their fight on and divorces all in the same day. Ain't that some ish.

A Polish couple who had been living together in Germany got married and decided to get an annulment on the same day, after a huge fight broke out almost immediately post-nuptials. It escalated pretty quickly into that "I never want to see you again" phase, which must be pretty awkward right after tying the knot with somebody.

Then the groom began chasing his bride around with a knife and trying to cut her hair. (Judging by what we learned from the Claire Danes movie, we're pretty sure that's not a Polish wedding tradition.) The cops were called by wifey and they issued the man a restraining order, which he gladly accepted.